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Are you Ready for Retirement...or not? Do you know your "Magic Number" or "Retirement Reality" score? Statistically speaking, you may need to make some changes to your current retirement plan. In fact, for the vast majority of hard working Americans, conventional financial planning advice is just not working. But you can discover where your current plan is taking you right now, and get the answers you need today. You don't have to spend hundreds or thousand of dollars getting this information from financial experts, when you can get it online right here from How You Can Retire Wealthy® for FREE.

Based on your current plan, our Free Online Retirement Planning Calculator & Professonal Analysis on the next page will give you answers to the all important questions you need to know. Use Your Pass Code to access the free retirement planning calculator today. You'll learn the following very helpful facts:

Your Financial Independence Number (FIN)

A score of 10 indicates that based on your current plan, you can expect to reach your retirement goals, and you will likely have accumulated enough retirement savings to provide the lifestyle that you desire in retirement.

A number less than 10 indicates a greater need to find transferred money that can get you back on track to reach your magic number. Regardless of where your number might be, a consultant trained in the How You Can Retire Wealthy® program examines 64 ways you might be transferring money unknowingly and unnecessarily. Unfortunately, time is the enemy, the longer you wait, the harder it is to catch up.

Your "Magic Number" — the approximate amount of money you need to accumulate by retirement to provide you with the lifestyle you desire.

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